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    Coq John(Lat. Coquus or Coquius,) was a Frenchman, of the city of Rouen, whom Smalcius describes, in his Diary, as "Homo levior, quam religiosior." He visited the Polish Socinians in 1612, professing himself an inquirer after truth; but having strong Arian prepossessions, he returned as he came. There is no reason, however, to doubt, that he afterwards professed himself a Socinian. He entered into a correspondence with Martin Ruarus about the year 1630; and in the Second Century of Ruarus's Letters, (p. 421,) is inserted the fragment of a very friendly epistle, addressed to him hy Ruarus, in reply to two others written by himself. His personal history is involved in great obscurity; and Bock acknowledges his inability to furnish any account of the place of his residence, or the incidents of his life.  


    (Vidend. Bock, Hist. Ant. T. I. pp. 110, 111. Smalcii Diar. A.D. 1612, apud Zeltn. p. 1195. Ruari Epp. Cent . ii. N. 91.)


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