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    Chelmius Remanius


    Chelmius Remigius ou Remianus, (Polon. Chelmski,) was a Polish Knight, and Standard-bearer of the Palatinate of Cracow. Count Krasinski mentions him under the name of Remigius Chelmicki ; and says, that he was one of a number of distinguished individuals, who accompanied Valenty, Rector of Krzczonow, a parish in the diocese of Cracow, when that Clergyman appeared before the Ecclesiastical Court of his Bishop, Maciejowski, in the year 1549, to answer to the charge of having publicly married a wife, contrary to the laws of the Church.


    He was the author of an anonymous letter on the Invocation of the Holy Spirit, dated Nov. 19th, 1559, and addressed to the Synod held at Pinczow, on the 22nd of the same month. In this letter, he contended that prayer ought ,to be addressed to the Father only, through the Son and the Holy Spirit. This opinion is said to have been instilled into him by Peter Statorius, to whom he addressed another unpublished letter on the same subject, January 25th, 1561.


    (Vidend. Sandii B. A. p. 48. Sock, Hist. Ant. T. I. pp. 97, 98. Stoinii Epitome, p. 185. Krasinski's Hist. Sketch of the Ref. in Poland, Vol. I. Pt. ii. Chap. ii. p. 161.)


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