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    Geisteranus Peter, (Belg. Geesteran,) the brother of John, was Minister of Egmont of Zee, and Egmont Binnen. In the Acts of the Synod of Dort, the Confessions of the two brothers were read aloud, and rejected by all present, on the ground that their authors favoured the tenets of Socin and the Anabaptists, and endeavoured to introduce these tenets into their Churches. In these Confessions they contended for Adult, as opposed to Infant Baptism ; and said, that infants were not to be baptized by any special command of God, but only for the sake of avoiding scandal. Of the Confessions both of John and Peter Geisteranus, it has been asserted, that they were corrected according to their own satisfaction: but Brandt says, that he saw a copy of the Confession of Peter Geisteranus, as it stands in the Acts of the Synod, on the margin of which he had written, with his own hand, in several places, that he had not returned such answers as were there mentioned. Opposite to other answers, says Brandt, I found, "They have suppressed the principal part of my answer." In another place; "Here they have altered my meaning, and added more than I ever spoke." Again; "This is just the reverse of what I said." And lastly, in some other places; "I confessed nothing of this."


    When the two brothers separated, on their way to Gravesande, Peter retired to Norden, in East Friesland, where he was afterwards joined by his brother John, whom he survived many years. He published,

    1. An Introduction to Christian Patience, in Dutch; 1644, 8vo.; 1665, 12mo.; and left behind him

    2. Several Manuscript Sermons.


    (Vidend. Sandii B. A. p. 114. Bock, Hist. Ant. T. I. p. 366. Brandt's Hist, of the Ref. &c. Vol. III. Bk. xxxvii. p. 186. Art. 193.) 

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