• Demianovicius Stanislas

    Demianovicius Stanislas


    Demianovicius Stanislaus, (Polon. Demianowicki,) was private tutor, in 1651, to the children of a noble lady, named Suchodolia; and in 1653, to those of John Moscorovius. In 1654, some expectation of being allowed to go abroad was held out to him, by the Assembly of Czarcow; and in 1655, he received a grant of money from the Assembly of Raszcow, and was sent into Germany, for the purpose of learning the language of that country. In 1662, after the banishment of the Unitarians from the Polish territory, he maintained himself by instructing the children of Mark Lubieniecius; and in 1668, received ministerial ordination at the Assembly of Kreutzburg. The time of his death is unknown; but he appears to have been living in 1672.

    Mention is also made, in the Manuscript Acts, of a Stephen Demianovicius, who, having been excommunicated in 1683, at a General Assembly held at Rutow, in Prussia, was again received into the bosom of the Church. 


    (Vidend. Bock, Hist . Ant. T. I. p. 244.)

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