• Daems Cornelius

    Daems Cornelius

    Daems Cornelius  was a learned Civilian, who studied in Italy, and took his Doctor's degree with honours ; but afterwards relinquished the profession of the Law for the study of Divinity,—a change which, though made from choice, was not unattended with pecuniary loss. He was one of the most intimate friends of Faust Socin, who entrusted to him copies of many of his unpublished writings. Indeed, Socin himself hesitates not to call him, particularly with regard to religion, the most confidential of all his friends. His words are, "amicus meus summus, et mihi in religione potissimum, omnium quos habeo conjunctissimus." He was born at Brussels ; and lived for some time at Dantzic, on friendly terms with Matthew Radecius. But his usual place of residence was Gouda. In 1588, a short time before the revolution in the Magistracy of Utrecht, the Scout endeavoured to apprehend him at an inn in that city, on the ground of his being a favourer of Socin and his doctrines ; but he escaped with the loss of a bag full of papers, printed and manuscript,—probably the writings of Socin above mentioned. These the Scout delivered to the Senate, who referred them to Helmichius and Uitenbogaerdt, two Ministers of the Reformed party, for the purpose of obtaining their opinion respecting them. But before Uitenbogaerdt, who, at the request of Helmichius, undertook to read them first, could give an account of them, the government underwent a change ; and Daems found means, partly by a manceuvre, and partly by threats, with the assistance of two burghers, to get them out of Uitenbogaerdt's hands, who, for his own justification, and to avoid the suspicion of having voluntarily parted with them, lost no time in letting the Burgomasters know what had taken place. One of the burghers, who had assisted in recovering the papers, told Uitenbogaerdt, that he wanted to bring Daems to the stake, and to eat roasted flesh, like Calvin.


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