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    Crellius Christopher


    Crellius Christopher(or Krell,) surnamed Spinovius, was the second son of John Crellius, the elder ; and the brother of Theophilus, and John Crellius, the younger. He was living at Dantzic in 1642, with Ruarus, who had the superintendence of his education; and was maintained, during his stay there, out of the funds of the Socinian Church. In 1646, when Baumgartus was about to remove into Transylvania, Christopher Crellius was appointed his successor in the School of Luclavice: but this office he resigned, after holding it about two years. In 1648, when John Arcissevius went abroad on business affecting the interests of the Church, Christopher Crellius accompanied him as an assistant Missionary. At the Synod of Raszcow, in 1650, he was appointed Preacher to the Unitarian Church at Krzelow; and in the year following to that of Raszcow. While at the former place, he was urged to prepare a defence of his father's treatise "De Uno Deo Patre," against the attacks which had been made upon it; and for this purpose the works of John Bottsaccus and Abraham Calovius were procured by Ruarus, at the public expense. The same injunction was repeated the year following; and all, who possessed manuscript copies of his father's writings, were requested to forward them to him, in order that he might prepare them for publication. In 1653, he was ordained along with John Preussius; and in 1654, he succeeded Andrew Wissowatius, as Minister of Robcow. On the expulsion of the Unitarians from Poland, he went to preside over the Church at Kreutzburg, in Silesia, consisting of Polish exiles; and in 1663, he undertook the joint charge of another Church of Polish exiles at Fredericksburg, with his brother John. He made two voyages to England, and when he came the second time, (which was in 1668,) he obtained leave of absence for a twelvemonth, on condition that he should return at the expiration of the year, and resume his pastoral duties in the Silesian Church. He was induced to undertake this second voyage, in the hope of obtaining an education in England for his children, a hope, which had been held out to him by some of his transmarine friends, on his former visit to this country. Sandius states, that Christopher Crellius officiated as Minister to the Polish exiles in Silesia ten years, and the same number of years to those in Prussia. He died on the 12th of December, 1680, on his way from Poland into Silesia; and was buried privately at Raciborsk, an estate belonging to the family of the Morstinii. He left two sons, Samuel and Paul, of whom further notice will be taken in a subsequent part of this work. (Vide Art. 358.)

    The writings of Christopher Crellius, particularly specified by Sandius and Bock, are,

    1. A Dissertation on Christian and Heathen Virtue, prefixed to his Father's "Christian Ethics," 1650, 4to., and 1681, 4to.; Cosmopolis (that is, Amsterdam);

    2. A Manuscript Letter respecting the State of the Unitarians in England; and

    3. A Letter to the Baron N. N., containing an account of a Conference held at Roznow, between some Roman Catholics and Unitarians. This Letter was written April 19th, 1660. The Conference, to which it relates, lasted from the 10th to the 16th of the preceding month, and has been already mentioned.

    4. Sandius alludes to other manuscript letters; and adds, that the subject of this Article left not a few unpublished compositions of other kinds.

    (Vidend. Sandii B. A. pp. 162, 163. Bock, Hist. Ant. T. I. pp. 158— 160.)


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