• Cicovius Stanislas

    Cicovius Stanislas


    Cicovius Stanislaüs, (Polon. Cikowski,) of Woyslavice, held the office of Arch-chamberlain of Cracow ; and afterwards those of Castellan of Biecz, and General of the army. He was the first patron of the Church at Cracow, of which Gregory Pauli was appointed Pastor in 1562.

    He superintended the printing of the Acts of the Synod and Conference, held at Skrzynna in the year 1567, with all the answers of those, who denied that the Word, or Son of God, assisted in the creation of the visible world ; and maintained, in reply to the objections of the adverse party, that he had his beginning in the time of John the Baptist, and John the Evangelist. Sandius mentions the names of those, who acted as Collocutors and Scribes in this Conference. On the part of those, who denied the preexistence of Christ, the Collocutors were George Schomann, Gregory Pauli, John Securinus, Matthias Albinus, John Baptist of Lithuania, Martin Crovicius, Simon Budnaeus, and James Calinovius ; and the Scribes, Laurence Koscienski and Stanislaus Budzinski. On the part of those, who asserted that Jesus Christ existed before his mother, the Collocutors were John Cazanovius, Stanislaus Farnovius, John Niemojevius, Judge of Inovladislavia, Nicholas Zytno, John Falconius, Martin Czechovicius, Daniel Bilinius ; and the Scribes, Laurence Criscovius and Thomas Swiechovius.


    (Vidend. Sandii B. A. pp. 48, 49. Bock, Hist. Ant. T. I. pp. 101, 102.)


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