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    Ciachovius John


    Ciachovius John (Polon. Ciachowski,) was the grandson of George Schomann. His name must not be confounded with that ofCichovius, against whom Jonas Schlichtingius wrote. The Christian name of John seems to have been that of his father, who was also a Socinian. In 1634, John Ciachovius the younger was admitted among the alumni of the College of Racow; and in the next year he became one of the Racovian exhibitioners. In 1638, when some of the young men belonging to that institution had beaten down with stones a cross placed near one of the entrances to the town, he was compelled, among others, to seek refuge from the popular fury by flight, and deemed it prudent, for a time at least, to remain in concealment; for a resolution was passed in that year, that, if the place of John Ciachovius's retreat became known, he should be appointed tutor to the children of Dreschovius. In the year 1641, he was nominated, by the Synod of Piaski, to the office of Preacher to the Church of Tychomel. In 1643, we find him living at Dantzic on a public stipend, granted by the Synod of Siedliski, under whose direction he was preparing a Reply to Botsaccus, and a Defence of Crellius's Book, "De Uno Deo Patre." In 1645, he was stationed as Minister to the Churches of Volhynia, and living under the hospitable roof of Peter Suchodolski; and in the following year he filled the office of Domestic Chaplain to the Lady Suchodolska. In 1649, he officiated as Minister to the Church of Radostow; in 1650, to that of Siedliski; and finally, in 1653, to that of Czarcow.


    (Vidend. Bock, Hist. Ant. T. I. p. 100.)


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