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    Ciachovius George


    Ciachovius George,  (Polon. Ciachowski,) was the brother of John Ciachovius. In the year 1644, he obtained permission from the Assembly of Siedliski to travel; for which purpose a sum was granted him out of the Church's funds. On his return, he was patronized by the family of the Arcissevii, to whose children he is supposed to have acted as tutor. In 1648, it was determined, at the Assembly of Daszow, that he should devote himself wholly to the study of Theology; and with that view he went to reside under the roof of his brother John, at Daszow. But in the year following he obtained leave to accompany some young Polish Noblemen on their travels, on condition that he should return, if required. A short time after he had left Poland he received a summons to return; and in the year 1650, the Church at Raciborsk was committed to his trust. But he either declined to return, or refused to undertake the particular charge assigned to him. In 1651, therefore, the Assembly of Czarcow again reminded him of the engagement into which he had entered. In the year following, his services were placed at the disposal of Stephen Niemiericius, on the condition of his preaching at Czerniechow; and he was confirmed in this office, and ordained in 1655. The Synod of Raszcow, in the same year, ordered him to prepare an abridged translation of the " Ethics" of John Crellius into the Polish language. At the Assembly of 1662, the last which was held in Poland, he was nominated Minister to the Transylvanians; but the nomination was not confirmed, for in 1663 he held a station on the borders of the March of Brandenburg, and with Daniel Lechocki had the onerous charge of the Polish exiles in Germany.


    (Vidend. Bock,Hist. Ant . T. I. pp. 100, 101.)


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