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    Chrastovius Andrew


    Chrastovius Andrew(Polon. Chrzastowski, or Chrzonstowski,) was a Polish Knight, and Aulic Councillor to the King of Poland, who left the Evangelical party, and joined the Unitarians. He was the author of the following writings.

    1. A Dialogue between an Evangelical Noble, and an Evangelical Minister. 1618, 4to. In this Dialogue, which was written in the Polish language, the author treats on the discipline and rites of the Evangelical Church, from which he had seceded, and to which he refused to return, till these were amended. A reply to this Dialogue was published by the Ministers of the Evangelical Church in the following year ; and was attributed to Grzybowski, an Elder of that Church.

    2. A Defence of Andrew Chrastovius, against the Preachers and Ministers of the Evangelical Denomination, in the District of Lublin. July 31st, 1619, 4to. Polon.

    3. A Letter addressed to the Synod of Lublin, refusing to obey the Summons to attend that Synod.

    4. A Letter of Expostulation respecting the Cavils of the Evangelical Ministers, addressed to the Synod of Ozarow, in 1617.

    5. A Letter addressed to Zurowski, Evangelical Minister of Belzyce, in the year 1618, defending his own conduct in absenting himself from the approaching Synod. The reader will probably recollect, that the last attempts to form a union between the Socinians and the Evangelicals were made at the Synods of Ozarow and Belzyce. Chrastovius, it would seem, declined taking any part in the Conferences, held on those occasions, between the Evangelical and Socinian parties.


    (Vidend. Sandii B. A. p. 108. Bock, Hist. Ant. T. I. pp. 98, 99.)


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