• Cettis John Baptiste

    Cettis John Baptiste


    Cettis John Baptist, or Cetis, sometimes called, by his contemporaries John Baptist alone, without the addition of his surname, was an Italian, and a relative of Philip Buccella, the friend and host of Faust Socin. He was one of the first Moderators of the Gymnasium, erected at Racow, about the year 1600. Smalcius calls him the protector and patron of all foreigners ; and Jerome Moscorovius speaks of him, in a letter to Martin Ruarus, dated Racow, 1613, as a pious and illustrious man. At his hospitable mansion, John Crellius first found a welcome, when he migrated to Poland. Joachim Pastorius, in his life of Crellius, informs us, that Cettis was a correspondent of J. G. Leuchsner, a celebrated Jurist of Nuremberg. He opposed the Arian party at the Synod of Skrzynna. He was also present, as an Elder, or Brother, at the Conference held at Racow between the 7th and 19th of October, 1602. He died at an advanced age at Igolomia, three miles from the city of Cracow.  


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